Love Your Lunch Educator Gift Box

Love Your Lunch Educator Gift Box

Rice balls. Curry. Pancit. Dumplings.

The lunches our children bring to school are more than food—they are a nourishing connection to family and heritage.

Yet too often for Asian American and Pacific Islander children—and others with culturally diverse foods—bringing lunch to school can become a source of shame and distress.

LOVE YOUR LUNCH aims to change that by nurturing curiosity about the foods we cherish, and encouraging children to take pride in their families’ food traditions.

Teach Asian American Stories is donating books and educator guides to all public kindergarten and first grade classrooms in Montclair. In addition, we have created LOVE YOUR LUNCH Educator Gift Boxes for teachers outside of Montclair which include books and guides to help children learn to celebrate and respect everyone’s lunch.

Your donation of $50 or more will allow you to nominate a New Jersey public school kindergarten through 2nd grade educator to receive a LOVE YOUR LUNCH Educator Gift Box. If you don't have a particular teacher in mind, we'll match your $50+ donation to a teacher requesting a box.*

Contents include:
- What’s That? by Karen Chan
- Lunch from Home by Joshua David Stein
- Yoko by Rosemary Wells
- Parent, student, and educator guides
- Plus some fun extras for our wonderful teachers!

*Boxes will be shipped on a rolling basis, while supplies last.
**Educators looking for the giveaway request from should go here: